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Astra Turbo

rac tow in with Turbo failed
vauxhall turbo

vauxhall turboThe Rac recovered a 2006 Vauxhall Astra SR with suspect turbo problems.
The Turbo had burnt out due to lack of oil circulation.
The oil in the engine was like treacle, the feed and return pipes blocked, and unable to work.

This highlights the importance of regular servicing.

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skoda 2

skoda 1

With The summer holidays starting don’t leave your car or van to chance, give us a call 01642 244634, drop us an @ mail to ;

the two speedos shown in the images are of two Skoda Octavia cars we service and have done since new, one is 2006 one is 2012.

Look after your car or van and it will look after you.

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Summer Holidays Coming Soon

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Here at Autotune Vehicle Services we pride ourselves on Quality.

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