Service and maintenance is carried out using OE or OE approved spares, we do not fit the cheapest to gain work, we fit what we would have fit to our families vehicles, to carry our children and grandchildren.

Established in 1964, Autotune is operated  by the same family, that work in, and operate it today. We have seen many changes to the Car and Van type and service, and the maintenance differences that are required.

Anyone can service a car or Van but can they do it properly using the correct approved components.  With this in mind we have changed our ways of thinking and our service ethos.

Cars and Vans now require many different oils to maintain the vehicle warranty, and keep the vehicle running to the best of its ability.

We check each time to ensure not only are the correct parts being used but the correct oil viscosity and type for the vehicle in question, to maintain the vehicle warranty.

Many customers ask for a full service, we advise them by checking the service history and age of the vehicle, what service is due.

Carrying out the wrong service at the wrong interval or time,  can invalidate a vehicle warranty.

Another part of our business is to not change parts needlessly, if the part can be advised, we advise it or them, we don’t change parts for no reason.

Over the years we have built a very strong relationship with most car dealers and fleet management companies.

We also work for most if not all aftermarket vehicle warranty companies giving the same high quality attention.

We offer, honesty, integrity and openness, if we feel you are wasting money we will advise accordingly.

We can also help you with…

MOTs Arranged

Customers need to understand that the MOT of today is a test to Vehicle Minimum Standards, It is not a certificate of roadworthiness and good condition. We are not an MOT testing station, we arrange and provide the service from the MOT station next door. For many years we have had the feeling that MOT stations should not be allowed to repair the vehicles they fail. The MOT test we get carried out is totally independent as the station knows it will not be getting any remedial work, the vehicle returns to us for work required.


Vehicle diagnostics is a mine field full of things to trip even the best engineer up. We offer a service that if our scanner reads it we will charge you, if it doesn’t read it we do not charge. The scanner doesn’t fix the fault, it tells us where to look and investigate. A good guide after being diagnosed is to ask the relevant local dealer, if they sell many of the parts being diagnosed.


Our body shop, although quite small in operation, enables us to offer a very high level of service that a company with many jobs on the go at the same time simply couldn’t offer!  We do many minor and major repairs for the larger fleet companies.


  • The Rac
  • The AA
  • Network Rail
  • Autoglass
  • Balfour beatty
  • Hewden Crane Hire
  • Eurocar parts
  • Chubb Security
  • G4s security
  • Fleet Support Group
  • 1Link
  • National Service Network
  • Fleet Assist
  • Alphabet
  • Arval
  • Venson
  • Foster wheeler

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